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Central Control Monitoring System by Heron

Designed to deliver a real-time response to changing water conditions, the Heron DATUM POINT System makes it easy to automate and streamline groundwater management. Easy to use programming and advanced technologies like mobile access helps your technicians micromanage multiple locations from a desktop or on the fly. The modular design  allows you to monitor a single well at an affordable cost, or expand the same platform to unlimited locations by simply adding transmitters to your network.

As Easy as A, B, C

A) Field Transmitter (Node) (to transmit data to the Receiver)

B) Receiver (Gateway)

C) Tablet w/Software (to set up your system & display your collected data)

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DATUM POINT System Overview

  • (1x Included) Mounted at the wellhead, connects to groundwater data logger via direct read cable

  • (1x Included) Mounted in office, collects information from (A) Field Transmitter

  • (1x Included) To setup your DATUM POINT System, also display dashboard wirelessly

  • To fill gaps in system network (when Field Transmitters are not within 10km of each other)


Download DATUM POINT User Manual


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