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Why Choose Us

Groundwater Data Logging

Heron Instruments Inc.’s water level meters are designed for well drillers, consultants, hydrogeologists and other groundwater professionals who require the most accurate measurements for their projects.

Heron water level meters are manufactured to be modular for easy cleaning and servicing. Each meter comes with a rugged protective case to store and easily transport your instrument.

Numerous health studies have shown that certain PFAS may:

  • Interfere with the body’s hormones
  • Affect the immune system
  • Contribute to birth defects and/or learning disabilities in children
  • Increase cholesterol levels
  • Increase cancer risk

Heron Instruments is concerned for the environment and has taken steps to help eliminate PFAS sources to our water system. We are pleased to announce our NEW PFAS FREE ZONE, where we manufacture our dipperLog 64, dipperLog VENTED and 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter with wetted materials not known to contain PFAS.

Real-Time Data Collection System

Central Control Monitoring System by Heron

Designed to deliver a real-time response to changing water conditions, the Heron DATUM POINT System makes it easy to automate and streamline groundwater management. Easy to use programming and advanced technologies like mobile access helps your technicians micromanage multiple locations from a desktop or on the fly. The modular design allows you to monitor a single well at an affordable cost or expand the same platform to unlimited locations by simply adding transmitters to your network.