(Series #2000) – Downhole Inspection Camera

The Heron dipper-See EXAMINER is a robust, vertical downhole inspection camera. Designed with portability in mind, this self-contained unit is ideal for viewing in wells, boreholes, vertical shafts, open bodies of water and narrow tubes from 1″ (25mm) diameter.

  • For viewing & recording in holes 1″ (25mm) & wider
  • Rugged, Portable & Affordable
  • External adjustable angle side-to-side/up-down monitor
  • Record video for future playback at the office (use included microphone to record audio notes)
  • Modular Design makes for inexpensive and easy repairs

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The dipper-See EXAMINER downhole Inspection Camera comes with everything a well inspector, well driller, or hydrogeologist needs to perform well inspections, maintenance, and installation quickly and accurately!

The dipper-See EXAMINER and the included accessories are easily transported in the provided super tough wheeled carry case and accessory case, ideal for protecting your investment from the elements.

The adjustable positioning arm, conveniently attached to the frame, offers an ergonomic solution for adjusting the monitor for viewing the display screen at different angles and lighting conditions. The monitor conveniently houses all of the controls on the front of the panel. Record the video/audio on the SD card provided with the DVR, for easy transfer of video to another device.


• White Polyethylene Tape

• 1” (25mm) Fully Submersible Camera Probe (Replaceable) w/ holder, IP65 Rated

• Display Monitor – 600×1024, 7” (177.8mm) IP65 Rated

• 2x Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries (4.5 hours running time each)

• Compact Battery Charger

• Centralizer Tool

• Retrieval Hook

• DVR (w/microphone) for audio & video recording

• 32GB SD Card

• Modular design for easy service/replacement

• Rugged, Wheeled Storage Case

2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Additional information

Measurement Preference

Imperial, Metric


150m, 300m, 500ft, 1000ft


dipper-See Examiner Camera Manual

DVR Manual

DVR Manual 



Download dipper-See Examiner Specifications Sheet




Download Dipper-See Examiner Camera Brochure


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