Software for setting up, downloading, compensating and viewing your dipperLog data.

Heron Instruments’ dedicated, intuitive dipperLog Software in now QUICKER and EASIER to program, launch and recover data from Heron dipperLog data loggers!



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New software features

  • Multi device support – connect multiple devices at one time to download data faster.
  • Support for all legacy and new dipper-Logs.
  • Database for managing your data.
  • Search tool to help find data and devices.
  • Graphing and basic data analysis tools built in.
  • Built in support center.
  • Built in catalog.
  • Built in support for multiple languages!
  • Support for multiple different pressure and temperature units.
  • Touch screen friendly.
  • Compatible with Windows 10 / Windows 11 and Mac OS.
  • Perform secondary calibrations to improve data accuracy.
  • Compensate data for barometric pressure.
  • Compensate for Elevation and liquid density.
  • Share data in multiple formats.
  • Share graph as picture or PDF.
  • Easy to use setup guides.
  • Support for time zones.
  • Take real time readings.
  • Perform maintenance on your dipper-Log’s.

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