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Software for setting up, downloading, compensating and viewing your dipperLog data.

Heron Instruments’ dedicated, intuitive dipperLog Software in now QUICKER and EASIER to program, launch and recover data from Heron dipperLog data loggers!


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The new software is paired perfectly with the release of the Heron dipperLog line of data loggers. Not only are you able to interface with the new dipperLog 64+, dipperLog TOUGH+, dipperLog VENTED and dipperLog 32+, with the dipperLog Software, you are able to easily communicate with the dipperLog NANO and Series ll dipperLog dataloggers.The software has a great NEW look, and NEW features, while still maintaining features from our previous versions.

Multiple Download Feature

  • Allows for communication to as many loggers as you have USB ports with appropriate amount of PC communication cables.
  • Simply install USB end of the PC communication cable (multiple) to your PC and the 3.5mm end to your dipperLogs
  • Once all of the dipperLogs are connected, a list will appear on the left of the screen (Logger ID section), select the Multiple Downloads button
  • Browse to the desired storage location and create a new folder before selecting. The default location is the downloads folder
  • Download All
  • All dipperLogs listed in the Logger ID section will be downloaded simultaneously, with individual progress bars indicating the speed of the download
  • Once all downloads have been completed, the data files in CSV format will be exported to the designated folder with no further input from you
  • If data is needed in Text format, each dipperLog must be downloaded and save individually or saved using the “Save as TXT” option on the barometric compensation screen


The dipperLog software allows for speedy communication. The software recognizes the commands faster and responds back at a quicker rate, which will allow for communication during set up and communicating from one logger to another

Set Up Preferences

The intuitive dipperLog software will automatically remember the set up preference of each of the logger so there is no need to reset the Device Setup preferences

Waterfall Effect

When multiple logger download feature is used, it is easy to switch from one logger to the next in the Logger ID screen, creating a waterfall effect

Touch Screen Compatible

The larger navigation buttons in the software allows for easy touch screen capabilities. The dipperLog Software is compatible with any device with the operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Backwards Compatible

Not only is the software compatible with our new dipperLog 64+, dipperLog TOUGH+, dipperLog VENTED and dipperLog 32+ it is also compatible with our dipperLog NANO and Series ll dipperLogs.

If you have a Series ll dipperLog, the older technology incorporated in these units is much slower and cannot communicate at the increased speed of our current dipperLogs. In order to communicate and download data from these older dipperLogs, you must adjust the response time of the software by clicking and placing a check mark in the Compatibility Mode button in the bottom right of the screen.

We are confident you will find the dipperLog series of data loggers and software, durable, versatile and cost-effect tool which will deliver accurate water level and temperature readings for many years over the course of your project. Groundwater professionals have been successfully employing the Heron family of instrumentation to monitor both open waters and boreholes, to perform pump and slug tests, and to complete wetlands and tidal studies with excellent results for over 20 years.


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