(Series #1400) – Harsh Environment Water Level Meter

  • Measure depth to water accurately
  • Easily collect drawdown data to calculate well production
  • Tape directly embedded  into the probe to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments
  • Modular Design makes for inexpensive and easy repairs

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The dipper-Tough water level meter is our most durable water level meter. Made for use in landfill and remediation sites, the dipper-Tough uses Kynar™ coated tape which helps it outlast white economic tapes and polyethylene coated tapes in such environments.

The dipper-Tough is a rugged, top quality instrument used for measuring static and falling head levels in waste disposal and remediation sites and other harsh environments. The drawDown feature on the dipper-Tough makes this unit ideal to use during pump and treat testing when contaminates are found in the groundwater.


• Premium Stainless Steel Kynar Coated Tape

• 5/8” (15.9mm) Water Level Probe (IP68) w/ holder

• Electronic Panel with audio / visual signals and adjustable volume dial (Fully Encapsulated to IP65)

• Sensitivity dial

• Vinyl, ergonomic holding grip

• 9V Battery

• FREE Backpack Carrying Case w/ adjustable straps, laptop & notepad pouches

2 Year Warranty

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Measurement Preference

Imperial, Metric


30m, 45m, 60m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 300m, 100ft, 150ft, 200ft, 300ft, 500ft, 750ft, 1000ft


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